TUSMDO SM Multi-functional Vegetable Brush, Tools Easy Cleaning Brush Perfect for potatoes, carrots and more


EFFECTIVE TUSMDO SM VEGETABLE BRUSH: Hundreds of sturdy silicone nubs easily remove dirt and contaminants from fruit and vegetables

• CONVENIENT TUSMDO SM VEGETABLE BRUSH: Double sided fruit and vegetable scrubber, so you can use both sides before rinsing. Flexible, non-slip grip curves to fit comfortably in your hand. This vegetable scrub brush is small enough to place in a drawer AND also has a hook for hanging

WORRY FREE: Dishwasher safe, so it’s easy to sanitize. No bristles to harbor germs and bacteria, the silicone nubs are simple to clean thoroughly

MULTI PURPOSE: Heat resistant silicone can also be used a trivet for hot items, and the textured surface allows it to help loosen tough to open jars

• WORKS ON ALL FRUITS AND VEGETABLES: Perfect for potatoes, carrots, beets, broccoli and more. This flexible scrubber will follow the contours of the vegetable while the sturdy nubs dislodge dirt in nooks and crannies




Fruits and vegetables are important elements of a healthy diet, but may come from the farm or grocery covered in dirt pesticides and other contaminants. Traditional vegetable brushes may remove the dirt from your produce, but the dirt gets stuck in the brush creating a breeding ground for bacteria to grow,. which can then be transferred into your food once the brush is used again. TUSMDO SM vegetable brushes and Vegetable Scrubber has silicone nubs that scrub away. contaminants instead of bristles that trap particles – AND it can be sterilized in your dishwasher. When you use this silicone vegetable brush you don’t need . to worry about adding germs to your produce while you are washing it – you can be assured your food will be clean and germ free!
✓ Vegetable brushes Short silicone nubs are very effective at scrubbing away the dirt and particles that you don’t want on your food
✓ Vegetable brushes Soft and curved at the tip, so they won’t scrape and tear the skins of tender vegetables.
✓ Vegetable brushes Dishwasher safe and heat resistant silicone makes keeping the brush germ free easy.
How to Use:
1. Rinse veggie scrubber with warm water
2. Wash fruit or vegetable to dampen skin
3. Gentle scrub the food until skin is clean.
Size: 0.5*10 cm / 4.13*3.93 inch
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