TUSMDO SM stand mixer – dough mixer bag Silicone Kneading Dough Bag Kneading Dough Mixer Bag Fell Face Bag


✔ EASY USE & CLEANING: For fast paced kitchen enthusiasts and hygiene minded people alike, a significant benefit of the TUSMDO SM is that it leaves hands cleaner and freer to multi-task, whilst even allowing users to prepare dough and foodstuffs with just one hand without leaving any splattered mess, Dough Bag,Magic Reusable Silicone Kitchen Dough Kneading Tool Bag prevents flour from splashing everywhere. It’s Convenient to use and easy to wash. Wonderful cooking tools for every baker.

✔ EFFORTLESS TO CLEAN:This kneading bag is easy to wash and has 2.2lbs (1500ml / 51 oz) can hold up to 1kg flour or 1500ml liquids. of storage capacity , makes even large scale food preparation and storage easy and convenient for both amateur cooks and experts.

✔ SAFE & NON-TOXIC: As well as being microwave, refrigerator and dishwasher safe, our mashing bag is designed around being both safe and durable. BPA free and made using FDA approved food grade silicone, you can therefore rest assured that this product is nontoxic and safe to use! Keep your kids safe with best quality available on the market – It’s German Food Grade approved, BPA free and FDA safe; BRING YOUR KIDS into the kitchen with joy

✔ DESIGNED Our kneading sack is perfect for not just kneading and resting dough, but also for marinating and blending herbs and spices into your favorite meat and vegetable fillings, Kneading Bag,Just add the ingredients such as flour, water, eggs mix all together, tie up the bag and start kneading. For marinating meats or fish, pour ingredients in, tie the bag and pour in fridge. Also can be used for pressing fruit and vegetable, making purée. Can also be used to store foods and bevarages.

✔ GET YOURS NOW!: The TUSMDO SM is a set of kneading pouch with bowl scrapper. Now it’s time to get this limited product, grab them fast!



TUSMDO SM dough mixer bag is one of the most multipurpose food preparation aids presently on the market.Eliminate mess when baking, marinating, and preparing all your favorite deserts and savory food stuffs! Our silicone kneading dough bag has been carefully developed to keep your hands and cooking counter away from mess and sticky dough. The silicone kneading dough bag works great with sticky dough, making sure you always get non-stick results!
Material dough mixer bag BPA free and FDA approved silicone material
 Heat Resistant from -40°F up to 450°F
 Oven, Dishwasher, Microwave and Freezer safe
 Non-Stick: Nothing sticks to it
 Perfect Size: 1kg/2.2lb flour can be placed in it
 Weight: 0.5 pounds
 Packaging: Polybag
 Package Content: 1 x Silicone Kneading Bag
 Knead dough faster and more convenient.
 Prevent flour from splashing everywhere
 No more sticky hands with kneading dough
 Keep clean your cooking counter from mess and sticky dough
 Marinate fish, chicken or meat perfectly!
If you are not entirely satisfied with how this looks, feels, or arrives at your home. If you feel it’s not fun, fast, easy and simple to install. Or even if you just don’t want it anymore. Return it for a full 100% refund. NO QUESTIONS ASKED! What are you waiting for?

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